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From 1977 to 1993  I performed 177  operations  on  adult women whose life was severely perturbed by relapsing bouts of acute pyelonephritis.

Below you will find  :

-  observations on the  refluxing process, as I understand it

-  my operative technique  for  trigonal  reconstruction

- links to a method for eliciting adult reflux  by means of  radioactive isotopes.  This method was build by the Isotopes service of F. Baclesse cancer institute   following my specifications  and for my own patients.  Gamma camera data have been published  by video tape and are now available on digital medium.


My purpose has always been to follow-up  my operated patients  during  as many years as possible.

As far as young women are concerned  this enterprise seems rather ambitious, due to changes in residence, civilian  state and  deontology concerns  with  colleagues.

Nevertheless I happened to  meet or obtain direct informations  about many patients after ten years  and a few after 20 years.  Therefore, dear colleagues,   I feel free to expose my  experience.


The original french text is somewhat more explicit

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