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" You don't have any disease,  you got it into your head..."



The  invention of Viagra is one of the major discoveries of the twentieth century because it models the most important, the most essential, the most fundamental : philosophy.

The students and doctors to be have always been told : " Whenever you do not understand and you are unable to make a good diagnosis, say  :  It's in your brain ".

In the field of sexuality  the Medically Correct  doctor says that 95 % of  impotences  are psychological  and 5 % concern diabetics whose  arteries are  narrowed.

But all of a sudden one finds a new molecule that happens to be a missing piece in the human frame and  potence reappears, except for the diabetics.

It's not the brain, it's the body.

Will the Medical Power change his mind ?

It's odds on that he won't. Too difficult.

First you ought to abjure the imposed freudian religion and deny that the cerebral cortex, following the prophet's teaching, holds control on the ancient brain, that is the center of innate feelings. Too dangerous for your curriculum vitae.

Doing so, you might secondly give up the gold nuggets from the psychology business that is based on the concepts of " free will " and " sin ".

So, my dear friend, the best you should do is to proclaim that Sildenafil does not act on the sexual arteries but on the brain.  Your personal experience tells you the contrary but lie as impudently as you can.




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