The ellipso´d formula is unacceptable


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The ellipso´d formula  is similar to the sphere formula as each  radius takes  its own value.


 Volume   =  4/3 * p * (D1 /2)*(D2 /2)*(D3 /2),    where  D =  one of the 3 diameters,


Volume = D1*D2*D3 /1,91


Analysis  of   200   prostatectomies compares the calculated volume  to  the actual volume as measured by the surgeon.

Lack of  legitimacy of the formula is quite evident for the following reasons  :


1)  irregular solids calculation must be founded  on the closest  regular solid.

Now the actual prostate shifts from the sphere to the cone , with concave or convex limits, dense or hollow structures.


Knowing the three diameters by ultrasonography,  various formulas were tested by changing the denominator.

No one formula was found applicable to the common practice.


2)  Density of the removed specimens is grossly  dissimilar.

Converting volume data into weight  as a common procedure  is  unacceptable,  in  spite of being advocated by numerous  world  urological  community leaders.

Consequent  treatment options based  upon correlation  between  Prostatic Specific Antigen  rate and the so-called prostatic tissue volume  are  highly  hazardous


Only  digital recording of calibrated slices of the prostate can bring a valuable result. 

No non-invasive technique can elicit the prostatic actual weight.


For a more precise and extensive approach  see the full text in French  :  TEXTE  FRANCAIS


Prostatic adenoma as removed by suprapubic enucleation


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