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Personal observations and research in surgical anatomy


The  sub-cavernous groove  in  the  male

The sub-urethral  fold  in the  female

The blood supply of  the corpora cavernosa  of  the clitoris

Accessing to the deep vagina  in surgery  of  vesico-vaginal  post-partum  african  fistulas

Pathological  anatomy  of  trigone and  terminal ureters   in   adult  reflux





 Widening the strictured male urethra

 Repairing   broad  necrosis  in  african post-partum  fistulas  :

                     -  substituting  sigmoïdal  graft  for  lost vagina

                     -   reconstructing  the urethra  with the clitoridal roots

 One time repair  for  stress incontinence  with   vesico-uterine ptosis

 Reconstructing the trigone in  adult  vesico-renal  reflux



A new radioisotope technique to detect  vesico-renal reflux in adults




   About calculation of prostate volume by measuring  3 echographic diameters


  Asbestosis of prostate and bladder neck.  2cases.


Interstitial Cystitis.  Legitimacy of the herpetic hypothesis.




Doctors as patients.  The case of prostate adenomectomies.

Medical Power

If I ever get a cancer in my prostate

" You don't have any disease. You got it into your head..."





.....................your only purpose is to  find  new  tricks  in  order to operate  more  and  faster… think that  money is  higher a value than health…  would  feel  too  risky  to dare  questioning  anything from the official medical bible…  confidently believe in mathematics and statistics to solve any surgical problem...

.................... you find that  going into politics is a  step upwards …  resign yourself to forget all  personal  research  or observation...

   ring off,  it’s a mistake.



......…the  metal dilators,  bougies  and  béniqués   seem  to  you  terrific  remnants  of   Middle  Ages

......…you  feel  desperately helpless before the watering can perineum  of your old African patient

......…you are the only surgeon for  100.000 people  in Africa  or elsewhere  and you have to manage the  appalling complications of  childbirth  in remote bush

......…your mother-in-law  wants  - once and for all -   be cured of her stress incontinence and vaginal  prolapse in one operation

....… you are inclined  to think that  everrelapsing  pyelonephritis  in adults should be treated otherwise  than by a sentence to life antibiotics ........

.......then  have a look at  this site.   Your are  perfectly able to make your own opinion  without asking permission to  your  Esteemed and Respected   Master,   your Dear Professor  or  the current nomenklatura  leaders.

   Scientific, intellectual or artistic adventure entails some risk