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 Surgery of male and female

uro-genital tracts


Urologist  Surgeon     Docteur en Sciences Cliniques  (University of  Liège, Belgium)      Assistant Etranger de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris-Necker

Former Professor of Clinical Urology  Faculté de Médecine de l' Université Officielle du Congo Campus de Lubumbashi ( Elisabethville ) DRCongo

Member of the European Association of Urology

Member of the Association Française d' Urologie  ( senior )


  • You will find  summaries of my personal  researches, observations and operations in surgical urology,   equally related to tropical and cosmopolitan pathology.  

    Stricture of the male urethra.  Anatomy and surgical repair.

    Anatomy and pathology of the female urethra

    Vesico-ureteral reflux in adults.  Pathology and Surgery.

    Radionuclides for detection of vesico-ureteral reflux in adults.  A new technique.

    Post-partum african vesico-vaginal fistulas.  Principles and Techniques.

    Stress incontinence and prolapse in the female.  A global technique. 

    Estimating the volume of the prostate gland

    Prostatic asbestosis

    Personal opinions

    Prostatic Adenomectomies  and  Men's Health

    About the medical power

    If I ever get a cancer in my prostate...

    " You don't have any disease. You got it into your head..."


Most  of them  were published  in  various medical journals  and  on  video support. A few were unpublished until now.

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